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The Indian Guy's food is inspired by my mum’s recipes and what you actually find on the streets of India. Traditional, family owned and unique. We don’t do your standard curries. We stick to just a few dishes as we believe in quality rather than quantity!

Pani Puri

"Crispy balls of goodness" filled with black chickpea and potato. Topped with diced onion, coriander, savoury gram sticks and tamarind flavoured water. Down the hatch in one with these!

Pau Bhaji

Mumbai's favourite street food! Assorted vegetables mashed and slow cooked in a blend of Indian spices and a passata based sauce. 

Chana Masala 

A tangy chickpea curry, infused and slow cooked with an array of Indian spices. 

Chana Dal

A lentil based dish, using two different varieties of dals blended with spices.


An Indian version of rice pudding